Writing Should be Fun

I am pleased with the great response I’ve received with the release of my two newest books, How to Write Serial Fiction & 10K a Day The Secret of Quality Speed Writing. The overwhelming support from my friends and fellow writers has meant the world to me, and I thank you.

Writing should be fun, not a chore. When I wrote these books, I wanted to simplify fifteen years of learning into a concrete  step-by-step guide that even a beginning writer could use and become successful. The benefits of speed and “freeze framing” will prove themselves invaluable to the serious writer.

As a full-time writer, I find my writing time divided between current writing projects, completed projects–awaiting edits, and marketing. That, of course, doesn’t take into account speaking engagements, signings, conferences, and workshops.  There is never enough time.

Speed writing and “freeze framing” address the “time” issue specifically with workable solutions. Would you rather write two books a year or ten?  (without sacrificing either word count or quality) I think we’d all like to increase our productivity. I know, I would.

The 10K a Day Plan I have in place, took me years to develop and perfect. Did I set out to develop a writing plan? No, absolutely not. I just wrote, and as time passed, I developed a routine, keeping elements which worked, and discarding those that didn’t, until I realized I’d inadvertently developed a plan of writing.

Did I always follow the plan? No. Not following the plan helped me realize the plan’s value in terms of writing speed and quality. Furthermore, I noted the marked difference  I experienced in  terms of writing enjoyment.

Writing came be a frustrating experience. Part of this frustration is due to the way we approach writing in regard to the way our brains absorb and process data as well as the method by which the brain seeks to express creativity. Adjusting our writing plan to capitalize on our brain’s natural rhythm eliminates frustration and returns the element of fun to the writing experience.

Have fun!  Write well–write often!

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