Marketing, speed writing, writing, step-by-step, 10K a Day, c.r. Myers, sm a,Storyboarding is one of my favorite parts of the writing process. It’s a time when you can let your mind run free and explore the possibilities of your new idea without the pressure of getting down the details.

Writers often work against their brain in the pre-writing stage, causing themselves unnecessary headache later on. Preparation is paramount to good writing.

I prefer the visual format of the storyboard and think it works better with right brain thinking. The right brain wants to think in pictures and diagrams, and the format for storyboarding provides an easy and enjoyable access to the needed information.

Storyboarding is also an invaluable tool in freeze-framing your ideas for future reference. We’ve all experienced the dilemma where we have a brilliant idea for a new project, but are unable to fit it into our current schedule. Freeze-framing is the answer to that problem.

I’m in the process of completing my fourth storyboard this week. With Nano right around the corner, it only makes sense to be prepared.

Good luck this week with your storyboards. Write me if you have any questions or to share your successes.

Cat 🙂


10K A Day – Writing Non-Fiction

Front Cover 3B copyWill 10K a Day work for non-fiction?

Yes.  The 10K a Day plan will work just as well for non-fiction as it does for fiction.

When beginning a non-fiction plan, I begin with note cards, just as I do with fiction jotting down my ideas as quickly as possible.  I list possible sub-topics, areas of research, and personal experiences I might be interested in including.

If the topic you are writing about is new or somewhat obscure, I would recommend doing a little preliminary research to find out the amount of information which will be available to you.  Make a list of the sources you discovered on your cards.

As with fiction, my scope is broad. You are not trying to narrow your topic at this point in the planning process. List any relevant and all ideas.

Work through the steps listed in the book, including as many details as possible.

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