10K A Day – Writing Non-Fiction

Front Cover 3B copyWill 10K a Day work for non-fiction?

Yes.  The 10K a Day plan will work just as well for non-fiction as it does for fiction.

When beginning a non-fiction plan, I begin with note cards, just as I do with fiction jotting down my ideas as quickly as possible.  I list possible sub-topics, areas of research, and personal experiences I might be interested in including.

If the topic you are writing about is new or somewhat obscure, I would recommend doing a little preliminary research to find out the amount of information which will be available to you.  Make a list of the sources you discovered on your cards.

As with fiction, my scope is broad. You are not trying to narrow your topic at this point in the planning process. List any relevant and all ideas.

Work through the steps listed in the book, including as many details as possible.

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